Dave Elliott was the President and founder of Alexander Gourmet Imports, a specialty private label TEA manufacturing company based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Elliott founded this company in 1985 and developed over 100 private label TEA programs for such retailers as Allegro Coffee Company (100 % owned subsidiary of Whole Foods: 185 stores), Second Cup Ltd (over 400 stores), Timothys World Coffees (100 stores), Quixtar USA, Canada and Korea (Amway) and Java City (Bewleys USA and Bewleys Ireland), to mention just a few.

These programs involved a selection of varieties, tea/herb formulations, packaging selection, text approvals as well as manufacturing. He, through Alexander Gourmet, provided full service , “turn key” private label tea solutions.

Alexander Gourmet has won several awards throughout the years for their tea formulations and customer service . In 2007 Elliott sold Alexander Gourmet Imports and started Alexander Gourmet Beverages which develops private label programs that are packed in Asia and its plant in Bolton, Ontario.

Elliott has conducted many seminars on tea history, tea cupping as well as staff training on tea sales in a tea & coffee store environment. Elliott is a founding member of the American Premium Tea Institute (now American Specialty Tea Institute) and past board member of
the Canadian Specialty Food Assoc.



Alexander Gourmet Beverages is committed to providing our select group of clients with Specialty Tea solutions.  We strive to create profitable and innovative private label programs for our customers, as well as providing ongoing support.